A Strategy Steeped in Success

Harney & Sons Tea Attracts New Customers

About Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Harney & Sons Tea is a story of passion. They followed theirs, and amazing things have happened, including a bottling plant, warehouse, two stores and a thriving international e-commerce business.


Bring Tea to More Customers and Grow Revenue

Established in 1983, Harney & Sons Tea, a third-generation family-owned business based in Millerton, New York, has a passion for tea and creating a relationship with customers. With high-quality products, an array of flavors and brewing options and extensive tea knowledge, it’s no wonder why they have an international reputation for quality tea. But they wanted to bring in even more new customers, continue to grow the Harney fan base, increase revenue, average order value and transactions.


Tea Down Every Avenue

To do this, CVR focused on search engine optimization, creating engaging quality content on organic and paid social media platforms, multi-channel marketing campaigns and email marketing strategies. The results of this highly strategic approach were overwhelmingly positive, achieving our client’s goals and introducing new customers to the Harney brand. We utilized social media strategy & content development, multi-channel marketing campaigns like Tea & Biscuits, paid social media, web strategy & SEO, email marketing and more.

“What began as a transactional relationship has turned into a true partnership with CVR. They have gotten to know our business inside and out, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results of their strategic thinking, creativity and collaboration.”

— Emeric Harney, Marketing Director, Harney & Sons Fine Teas