Know the Facts

Building Empathy and Understanding through Storytelling

About The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

The Indiana Family And Social Services Administration (FSSA) compassionately serves Hoosiers of all ages, connecting them to social services, health care and their communities.


Sharing Real Stories of Hope

Society’s understanding of substance use disorder, also known as addiction, has evolved over time. The Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA) sought to reframe addiction and recovery in the minds of Hoosiers. Through their Know the Facts initiative, FSSA wanted to provide hope, empathy and understanding by sharing information and stories of recovery. CVR joined the marketing and advertising campaign in the summer of 2019 to help real Hoosiers tell their stories, including their struggles with addiction and the hope of their recovery. In early March 2020, CVR was halfway through the creation of a testimonial campaign when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Suddenly, the in-person filming needed to finish the videos was not possible and production came to a halt.


Artistic Collaboration

Having finished on-camera interviews with individuals in recovery in late 2019, CVR worked with independent artists with ties to Indiana to bring these stories of hope to life through illustration and animation. The hybrid testimonials brought a unique look and feel to the work, allowing it to break through the clutter and deliver beautiful, human stories. The new long-form videos were completed in the same timeframe as originally planned. They were cut to be run as TV and radio spots across Indiana. The artwork and stories were adapted for web, social media and digital marketing to build out the brand and reinforce messaging.


Stories that Speak to Everyone

The campaign debuted during the heart of the pandemic and provided support and awareness for key Hoosier audiences. The executions drove website traffic, putting relevant information at the fingertips of visitors. The reimagined campaign earned an Emmy® Award.